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A narrative picture essay

The first part of this exercise was based on (for once) a bit of forward planning in that I considered the opening of a pub run by two of my children an excellent subject for this exercise.  It was however taking place in April so it was clearly going to take place before I arrived at the point of the course when this exercise was required.

The selected pictures are these:-


The invite to the Villagers for the open evening.  I think this needs to be big a) because it is an important scene setter and b) it needs to easy to read



The welcome on the notice board. This is also an important scene setter, tying in with the previous image.


The ale selection, along with the next photo, is important to position the pub’s style.


Food preparation. The Pub sets out to be primarily an eating place so it was necessary to include this aspect of the evening.


Unveiling the pub sign. A self explanatory picture that does not need to be too big as a result.



Interior detail #1. I regard this as a filler shot so no need to be big.


Interior shot #2 I liked the reflection in this as it gives a hint of the interior furnishings. Again I didn’t think this shot needs to be any larger


Interior shot #3 – cider menu. Gives another hint as to the character of the pub and is clear enough not to need enlarging.


Guests arriving


Starting to fill



The Landlord (in the mirror) mingling. I think this needs to be a bit bigger as he is an important aspect of the evening as is the mingling.


The bar staff I liked the movement in this as a good incidental shot.


The pub filling up, I had this made bigger a) to show detail and b) it evidences the success of the evening.


Busy at the bar. Like the previous shot I thought this was worth showing larger as it shows the success of the evening.



A happy landlord at the end of the evening

I then considered the layout of these shots and came up with this as a first option on an A3+ paper:-


Collated A3+ page

I then looked at doing a three A4 page collation:-

Gatekeeper A4 1

Page 1. The invitation shot as the scene setter dominates the page.

Gatekeeper A4 2

Page 2.  I think there is a nice contrast here between the smaller detail shots and the more informative larger shot which tell more of the story.


Gatekeeper A4 3

Page 3. I did try varying the position as in left or right but in the end decided to centralise all of these shots.

I think these separate pages work reasonably well.  The use of “filler” or detail shots is also quite useful to fill awkward spaces.