The brief for this exercise suggests doing a book cover or a photo someone with a possession.   I was intending to do a book cover illustrating the novel Dune by Frank Herbert and went as far as buying some sand from a local builders.  Unfortunately while the idea I had was good (and still is, I think) the execution of it just didn’t turn out well (the wrong sort of sand for starters, the letters looking rubbish, etc) – actually this I an understatement – the gap, between my minds eye visualisation and the resultant effort, was of a grand canyon nature:-


The aborted Dune cover.

Another idea was a fairly simple one – a portrait of me in my study with my gear:-


Me in the study

However I didn’t find this particularly inspiring either.

As a result I had a rethink and came up with the idea for the shot below.  A bit of explanation, this is what my mother’s breakfast normally consists of – cereal and 15 tablets.  I thought the link that both the cereal and the tablets (all 15 of them) have in terms of keeping mum alive was a good one and the top down comparison of the two appealed to me.



Mum’s breakfast



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