Assignment 4 Applying lighting techniques

This assignment requires you to bring out physical properties of one object under the following categories; Shape, Form, Texture and Colour.

Due to personal circumstances I had to choose something in the house (my original choice was a monument in the cemetery I have previously visited)  After some consideration the object I chose was my zoom lens as I thought it had an interesting shape and was, I felt, relevant to the course anyway.  I photographed it both in natural light:-


and with studio lights with a lot of variations:-

Lens shots




For the first shot illustrating the shape of the lens I thought I would use the strong mid morning shadows to give a feel of the shape without giving away too much of any detail or texture.


Natural light through window to right of image.

The second shot I chose for illustrating shape was this one:-


Diffused studio light (through soft box) directly behind lens.

The portrait  setting accentuates the length of the object (in this stance) and the light, behind a diffuser, behind the lens emphasises the shape but hides the details.


Form is described as illustrating the volume of an object an a three dimensional way.  I take it to show the space it occupies.  In the previous two shots because of their two dimensionality you do not get any idea of space.  This shot on the other hand gives a much better idea the space the lens takes up and we can see some detail now but the main emphasis is on the bulk, as it were, of the lens.


Diffused studio light (through umbrella) to left of image, reflector sheet to right to bounce light into lens hood to bring detail out.

The next shot, while superficially similar to the vertical shot in Shape above, gives much information by virtue of changing the angle slightly and its possible to see the depth in the petals of the lens hood and the “roundness” of the lens.  Again because of the lighting some more detail is now visible.



Natural light to the left through window.



In both this and colour below I took this to be about highlighting the relevant bits of the object in question.   In this case the lens has seen a lot of use and has the marks/damage to show it:-


Studio light at right angles to object on the right hand side (shot through umbrella)

But it also has an interesting contrast in the smooth-ish silver of the body of the lens (which in itself is unusual and actually not that smooth when viewed closely) and the black ribbing of the zoom and focusing rings and I think this image with its highlight along the body of the lens highlights these aspects of it:-


Natural light, lens is facing the low sun (taken early in the morning.


Colour was a bit tricky in the sense that there is not a lot of it in the object and in some ways, while the following two shots indicate what colour there is, to a degree they could also be texture shots, by their close up nature.


Studio Flash (low power) through umbrella to right of subject.

The next shot highlights the gold contacts of the lens, and I like the converging curves in the shot.



Studio spot to left of subject

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I think there is a good range of composition and lighting here, with enough variety to maintain interest and give the viewer a reasonable amount of knowledge about the subject.  There were ideas I had (for instance shining a strong light through the lens) which didn’t come off but feel I have made good use of artifial lighting (which again is not something I use that often)

Quality of Outcome

I think  I’ve taken shots that cover the brief of the assignment but think that, because of the subject the colour section is probably the weakest, however I am happy with the overall results.

Demonstration of Creativity

I think this has been good with the use of both natural and artificial light (the latter being of various types) and the range of shots has been instrumental in giving a broad view of the subject.


I have re read Light Science and Magic and have been more aware of angles,reflections etc as a result.   I think I need to practice a lot more with the set ups in the book so it becomes more second nature.  I found myself spotting things after I’d taken the shot which would have been better spotted prior to taking it.

I would add that the exercises and assignment were more enjoyable to me than the previous one and they have made me more considered in the my approach to lighting I think.





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