Outdoors at night

The following photos were taken, all in the same night, around the centre of Tunbridge Wells with a brief to explore the variety of lighting.  I chose a Sunday night as I thought it would be less busy. I started from the Large multi storey car park and then a circuit of the main shopping area.  I used a tripod on all these shots.


1.  Car Park entrance. I liked the lead in lines of the railings and the lights drawing you into the picture.   1.6 sec at F20 ISO 200 exposure adjustment -2 stops


2.  Car park. Again I like the X formed by the yellow lines and lights drawing you in to the frame. 5sec at F20 ISO200


3.  I liked the mix of lighting in this scene and the silhouetted skyline. Its not as sharp as I thought it was when I took so while the composition is, I think, ok the finished result isn’t. 5 sec at F20 ISO 200


4.  Car park stairwell I liked all the angles in this with the right angle echoed several times across the frame. 0.4 sec at F20 ISO 200


5.  Rooftops what appealed to me here was the lead of dark windows up to the brightly lit room in the distance. 10 sec at F20 ISO 200 exposure adjustment – 2 stops


6.  Shop window. I liked the sign in the background offset by the plants in the window. 2 sec at f20 ISO 200 – I.3 stops exposure adjustment.


7.  I wanted to get both the internal lighting and also the no photography sign on the door. 13 sec at F20. ISO 200


8.  I liked the frame within a frame effect of this. 2 sec at F20 ISO 200


9.  I thought the clock face could almost be a moon substitute. 4 sec at F20 ISO 200 minus two stops exposure adjustment


10.  What caught my eye here was the line of lights taking you deeper into the store. 1.6 sec at f20 ISO 200 minus 7/10 of a stop exposure adjustment.


11.  I did a portrait shot of the left hand side of this – just showing the window really but preferred this one with overlooking the precinct. 1/60 sec at F20 ISO 200 minus two stops exposure adjustment


12.  The contrast of the bright advert, compared to the dark precinct, appealed to me here. I wanted to get the idea that you look at the advert and then the path to the right takes you down the shops to the next smaller brightly lit area. 1 sec at F11 ISO 200


13.  The repeated blue in the frame as well as the contrast between the dark exterior and bright interior drew me to this shot. 1/6 sec at F11 ISO 200 minus two stops exposure adjustment.



14.  In this shot the reflection from the shot opposite effectively overwrites the poster on the left in this window. 0.6 sec at F11 ISO 200


15.  I wanted the interior shot of what was the only shop open in the whole precinct and hoped that the individual would not move during the exposure. 1 sec at F11 ISO 200



16.  This was shot while a lorry was unloading I liked the detail in windows and the barely seen outline of the lorry. 2 sec at F16 ISO 200


17.  Compositionally I thought the gentle curve of the path made for a good study and the fact that I got the ghostly figures of a couple of late night walkers was a bonus. 5 sec at F11 ISO 200


18.  I spotted that the interior of this shop was black and silver so to me it seemed almost to be a monochrome shot (there is a small amount of reflected colour ) and I think it works reasonably well as an abstract. 1/3 sec at F22 ISO 200 minus one stop exposure adjustment.


19.  Taken from a traffic island looking down the hill I liked the strong lines in the centre and hoe the lights of the cars also act as a lead down the hill. 30 secs at F22 ISO 200


You can still see the skyline in this and I’m glad there is a group of people in the shot to give a sense of scale and also a bit of atmosphere to what would otherwise be a fairly clinical shot. 3.2 secs at F20 ISO 200

I enjoyed this exercise and was surprised at what opportunities presented themselves.  Its necessary I think to be prepared to use exposure compensation to get the right balance with the strong lighting elements versus the darkness.




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