The following photos were again taken in the Pantiles area of Tunbridge Wells.



The curve of the kerb is accentuated by the yellow lines.


I felt there was a series of curves here:- the white wall; the implied curve of the windows; the parapet and then the balustrade. To my eye they encourage you to sweep across the frame.


I could have shot the chair but liked the delicacy of its shadow and the multiple curves in it.


I liked the way the tree edging here stood out against the paving and the cobbles forming a barrier both to the pedestrian an d the viewer as your eye is directed round the frame.

As in previous exercises I though I would include some subsequent shots I took with this exercise in mind.



Taken at Calke Abbey I liked the implied movement in the curved mark left by the door hook.



The curve of the path takes you somewhere hidden from sight.


The interior of a pillbox next to Bodiam Castle. The curve of the metal plate is reinforced by the bolts securing it and even though it is an immovable object to my eye your goes round it so any movement is unconscious.




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