Multiple points

For this exercise I wanted to use some medium format slides created by my father dating back some fifty six years ago.  I found a box of twelve slides in a a wooden box of old photos and negatives and other bits and pieces:-



A treasure chest of old photos etc.

Originally I considered taking shots of them spread out on a light table:-

DSC08648 DSC08639 DSC08635

I thought, however, that  this was too plain a background and I also wanted to highlight the individual slides as I thought they were worth a bit more individual emphasis.  I hit on the idea of lighting the slides through a towel to provide some texture and to isolate one slide by standing it vertically.  I also changed the angle of the shot from directly overhead to about forty five degrees to the towel.


I liked the idea of being able to determine some detail of the slides but also there being a bit of mystery as to how it is standing up.


I wanted the vertical slide which changed in each of the ten shots to be off centre and it was then a question of placing the others in what was both random but also in an aesthetically pleasing position (to me). The placing of one slide partially behind the standing one emphasises that the latter is the most important of them.


I wanted an informal grouping but also the main slide to be framed once there were sufficient slides to do so


With more slides added its now a question of filling the frame but still with an eye to keep the pattern interesting.


With more slides added starting to overlap but still avoiding any pattern.



The final group – there is, albeit unintentionally, a nice symmetry of three groups of three around the main image.


The triangles and the “frame”



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