Thoughts on course to date (just before assignment one)

So I’m coming up to finalising assignment one and thought it was a good idea to summarise my general thoughts at this point.   My initial reaction when I read the exercises leading up to the assignment was twofold.  Firstly I thought I know a lot of this and secondly this will be easy – I was wrong on both counts, possibly more so on the second point.

Although a lot of what is in the exercises I knew on a reasonable level (the effect of aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc) I had never really considered the issues in any sort of depth or taken photos with the idea of specifically highlighting those points.  In other words my photos have up to know been taken on what could be called  a “RichardBrownauto” mode – that is, I adjust the settings, framing and composition on an almost subconscious level without any major deliberation.  I have, for instance, frequently made use of shallow depth of field; portrait framing instead of landscape and shutter speeds for creative effect with a view to create what are hopefully attractive or striking photos.  I don’t think there is anything particular wrong in that, but I have been considering thinking more, as the result of this course, about taking shots which have more depth of meaning (although I will also carry on taking “pretty” or dramatic shots).  In summary its made me think of adding a further or different layer to my photography.

In any event it has been a useful reminder of all the basics.

I would add that my major problem/issue is with the recording my progress which, up to now, I have not been very good at.   I’ve decided to carry on blogging the exercises and Study/exhibition visits (although a bit nearer the event from now on!) and record thoughts and ideas in my notebooks.



One thought on “Thoughts on course to date (just before assignment one)

  1. Stephanie Dh.

    That’s great Richard that you are finalizing your assignment, I am looking forward to seeing it!
    I have decided on the exact same organization as you and it works well for me. I think it is important to have a blog to learn how to formulate our ideas, submitting them to others. And another place were we can talk our own language. Good luck!


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