Positioning the horizon







The above pictures were taken at a viewpoint near West Kingsdown overlooking the Medway valley.  I liked the layers in the shots of both the land (and mist) countered by the steam (smoke?) rising from the industrial complex, and the sky.

By placing the horizon low in the first shot the sky is the main component with just the wisp of smoke at the bottom to indicate there is something else happening.  This is made more obvious in the subsequent shots while the final shot only include a small layer of sky almost indistinguishable from the layers in the actual landscape.

Of the shots above I think the one that works least well is where the horizon is central.  There is no real impact in the shot and there is no progression into the shot for the eye to follow unlike the fourth in the series, my preferred choice, which has a series of layers leading the eye in to the back with the sky taking only a relative small strip of sky which itself is almost two layers with the lighter streaked area at the top.  At the bottom the shot is “anchored” by the hedging.



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