Variable focal lengths – angle of view.

My subject for this exercise is an old favourite view of mine, Canterbury Cathedral from the university hill shot on an early sunday morning

I thought this lends itself to the exercise given its prominent position.  I used two lenses a 24 – 70mm and a 70 – 400mm.  I did have, and considered using, a 12-24 lens but considered that this would not provide, (particularly at 12mm) enough landscape of interest to fill the frame.

The above was cropped at the bottom to lose a bit of road.

The wide angle shots give a good idea of the setting of the Cathedral and its environs.  By zooming in it shows the dominance the building has over its immediate surroundings.  The wide angle view gives context, for instance in the case of landscapes like the 30mm shot above,  at the expense of detail whereas the telephoto enables the photographer to pick out, and isolate, details in that landscape that are worth shooting in their own right, such as the small church in Canterbury in the last shot.


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