Frame Positions

This exercise is to demonstrate the effect of positioning the subject in different parts of the frame. For it i have used two subjects the first is a sign (vandalised) in the Southborough Common:-

1     P1050748     2     P1050747

3     P1050746     4    P1050745

5    P1050744

The second set digresses somewhat from the exercise brief in that the background is not even, but I liked the contrast of the cliff and the sea, and felt that these elements would be an interesting feature of determining the subject’s, a blue tower created by Jony Easterby ( ), positionin the frame:-

DSC01630  DSC01629

DSC01628  DSC01627

DSC01626  DSC01625

Of the first set my preference is for the fifth as the structure of it, with the steps drawing you into the shot up to the sign. While some of the others partially do this number five achieves it best and gives a clear indication of where the sign is in relation to the path and forest. Number two for instance gives no emphasis to the path and thus the sign is not, in that shot, shown in context.

As for the blue tower series, when I shot this I thought it was some sort of observation tower and my series was based on that understanding. As it turns out it is an art installation, albeit based on an observation tower. In any event given my original understanding I felt it was important to involve the sea significantly in the shot and I therefore prefer shots two, three and six for that reason. However six does not show any of the background cliffs – so you lose a sense of place as a result. In contrast three shows the undulating ground the tower is on; the cliffs and the sea that the tower overlooks and is, in my view, the more pleasing composition. Having said that number four with the tower at the centre and at the meeting point of land and sea as well as, to a lesser degree, air makes, as I see it, the central position of the subject more viable than would otherwise normally be the case.


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