Fitting the frame to the subject.

For this exercise I considered various subjects including churches tombs and rock structures. In the end i elected to go for the shed in my mother’s garden as this ties in with another project I am starting this year.

This is the first, or normal, shot:-


For the second (filling the frame) shot I took a face on shot of the shed:-


For the detail or part shot I zoomed in on the window:-


Finally for showing the shed in its surroundings i stood at the bottom of the garden and took the shot at a diagonal angle:-


I then made some crops of the four original shots:-

DSC01462-3     2           DSC01462-2

3    DSC01461-4       4       DSC01461-3

5    DSC01461-2         6            DSC01460-2

7   DSC01463-3       8      DSC01463-2

Of the crops my preference is for number 4 and 6. 4 because i like the offset window and that the window gives an indication of both the inside and outside, by means of the reflection, of the shed. 6 because it is a nice angle, and the tighter crop emphasises the path leading in to the shed, and again it shows the surroundings.


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